Our Services:

Post Storm / Hurricane Clean Up Services:

Debris Removal, Tree Removal, Hauling, Dune Rebuilding and Sand Clearing from driveways or walkways.

lee septic and land outer banks septic repair
Lee Septic and Land specializes in maneuvering in tight spaces. We operate with precision.

Septic Services

Lee Septic & Land Company is proud to be your local septic professionals for over 20 years! We manufacture septic tanks, deliver, install for new septic systems as well as pump, repair and/or replace existing septic systems. We provide septic preventative maintenance for a low-cost annual fee to homeowners as well as perform thorough system inspections for new home buyers during real estate transactions. Our full list of services is outlined below:

  • Septic Tank Installation

    • We will deliver and install septic tanks and drain field systems according permit. Request services online or call 252-261-3073.
  • Drain Field Repair

    • Quality and efficient drain repair completed in a timely manner. We offer free estimates. Request services online or call 252.261.3073.
  • Filter Cleaning

  • Preventative Maintenance

    • Annual preventative maintenance plan for vacation rental homeowners.
  • Septic Inspections

    • When you buy or sell a home, you will need a septic inspection. Lee Septic & Land is a NC state certified inspector for real estate transfers. $225/inspection. Request services online or call 252-261-3073
  • Septic Tank Manufacturing

    • We manufacture all types of septic tanks from standard 1000 gallon tanks to 4000 gallon traffic rated tanks.
We offer quality services at a reasonable price!

Land Services

  • Lot Clearing

  • Beach Dune Building

  • Dune Repair

  • Hauling Debris

Free Estimates! Request services online or call Lee at 252-261-3073.